About Us

Mastercraft is recognized for excellence in furniture design, construction, finishing, repair and reupholstery. Since 1939 the company has handcrafted furniture and cabinetry using only finest materials and woodworking skills. Mastercraft will handle any job from refinishing a chair to refurbishing a home, including custom cabinetry designs for kitchens and baths. The company provides built-in and freestanding casework for both residential and commercial installations.

We offer an impressive range of styles, colors, wood finish colors and sheen levels, laminates, gold and silver leafing and trims. Satisfying the broadest range of decorating styles and tastes, we can also custom match unique finishes to our client’s satisfaction.

History/Letter from the President

Mastercraft has its roots in Italy, where Old World craftsmanship is taken to heart. My father learned the business from his father and grandfather. Over the years, each successive generation refined their skills to become sought after craftsmen. My parents, Louis and Marina Antoni, opened Mastercraft together soon after they married. They worked long hours in the small furniture repair shop, and over the years they expanded their business and commercial clients in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs and states.

Our offices are equipped for designing custom furniture, making fabric selections for our own design applications and those designed by other professionals. Our factory has state of the art equipment to handle everything from sanding and stripping finishes; painting; glazing, gold finishing and staining; construction and repairs; sewing and upholstery. We have a busy loading dock for our trucks and an expert crew that handles pick-ups, deliveries and installations. It is a fast-paced business and we are constantly changing as we face new challenges. We keep up with the latest technologies and continually improve the way we do business in order to best service our clients.

There have been a lot of changes since the business opened in 1939, but tradition, quality and customer service will always be the cornerstone on which Mastercraft thrives.

Jim Antoni